5 Major Reasons Why Women Initiate Divorce

A survey done on 2000 heterosexual couples revealed that 70% of divorce was initiated by women.   No doubt this survey motivated me to find out what are the major reasons that force women to take such a harsh decision in their life. After all no one wants a tough life. No one wants to leave behind his partner and move on. Women are the most sensitive creature of god and certainly divorce must have been the toughest decision of their life.

1.Career and education

Unlike before, women today are very ambitious and career oriented. The urge to grow and make build their career is one such reason to initiate divorce. According to a survey done in the U.S, 90% of divorce case is initiated by working women. Boca divorce lawyers tell that women who are ambitious expect to have a supportive husband.

2.Lack of emotional connection with partner

Women are usually very soft hearted and kind people. Every women wants attention of their partner, love and care. Women wants emotional connection first and intimacy later, the case is mostly opposite with males. When women get involved outside of a marriage with someone, this means she needs an emotional connection. Women love to be known and get heard.

3.Inability to resolve conflict

It’s almost impossible to agree all the time on all the matter. The key to a successful relationship is to recognize the difference with your partner and respect his/her thinking and differences. If you are not willing to understand each other and respect each other’s thinking and differences. You are more likely to end your marriage soon.

4.Abusive behavior of men

Any women would never like to live with a partner who abuses her and doesn’t respect her. Marriage works only when you respect your lady and care or her.

5.Differences over finances

People usually think that women leave men because they don’t have money. But this is not the case with all. Sometimes women take divorce because both of them had different view on the finance. Wife may believe in saving and husband may want to spend money and enjoy life freely.

Whatever the reason maybe to divorce your partner, it is always a tough decision. Couple should not keep their ego before their relationship and try to respect the differences. Divorce is always a tough job for both. Until you are in a relationship that is seriously unbearable and your partner is not willing to solve the issues you should try not to take such a harsh decision.

Socialtrade.biz Fraud with 7 Lakh People

Socialtrade.biz Scam: The UP STF (Special task Force) bust to one of the biggest "Earn money by click on the link” online frauds. The police officer claimed that this “Ads clicks” fraud is to be around Rs 3,700 crore, which was being run under the guise of online trading. Socialtrade.biz is seized and Anubhav Mittal & 3 Three people have been arrested.

Yes, I'M  talking about Socialtrade.biz News,   Socialtrade.biz Fraud

So, you aren't believing on this Socialtrade.biz Scam news? 

Okey www.moonll.com has both: Reference and the proof, below you can check both.

Socialtrade.biz Scam News
Socialtrade.biz Scam News
Actually, I’m not against “Make money online”, but at age when the young can become EAITians, they crush to earn money, they want “shortcut to make instant money” so that became rich soon, it is RED signal, keep in mind the shortcut doesn't work always and such young people trapped by such fraud companies.

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How the police reach to the Socialtrade.biz?

The police’s official says that three people are in custody, and the police investigating is on. Actually, some companies were on the radar because of the black money campaign, suddenly the copse’s eyes freeze on an online trading business that promise to pay “Rs 5 per ads click”, the STF start the work and the Preliminary investigation revealed that the Noida Sector-63 based “Ablaze Info Solutions Limited” is behind this game.

Socialtrade.biz News : What’s the reality of Earn Rs 5 per click’ scheme?

Social trade.biz_Fraud_News
Social trade.biz_Fraud_News

The company already trapped approximately 7, 00000 (Seven Lack/lakh) peoples, and took an investment of approximately Rs 3,700 crore from them under the “Earn Rs 5 per click” scheme.
The accused persons were running a web portal — social trade.biz — where an investor has to pay of Rs 5,750 to Rs 57,500 in the company’s account to become the member and earn Rs 5 per click. So far, we managed to track around Rs 500 crore and already seized the company’s bank accounts,” police said.

Is Social trade.biz really Fraud

Unbelievable, but true, that this company making people fool from a long time, they change the head office and company name more frequently... Few names revealed in the investigation, and in people interest it is our duty to publish the reveled name at www.moonll.com, and the names are:
  • socialtrade.biz
  • freehub.com
  • intmaart.com
  • frenzzup.com
  • 3W.com (looks like a authentic website by W3)

Socialtrade.biz Scam News

The official says this is “Ponzi scheme” and the case will register also in the same act. The Ponzi scheme is:

a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a non-existent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.”
Or also you can read here on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme

Reference: News18

Social trade.biz_Fraud_News

Zee News Social trade.biz Fraud Official Video here: https://youtu.be/77MreSmLBfw

What is an On-Demand Lawyer?

Often the mere mention of the word lawyer can send a chill through your spine.  It may be due to a bad experience with a criminal lawyer, or simply the potential cost that a lawyer generally incurs.

Lawyers are generally seen as an unwanted necessity.  However, when you do need one you will want the best possible one for your money.  The general perception is that the more expensive the lawyer the better they are.  However, this is not always true; some firms are happy to be on retainer or keep their costs low.  Being an on demand lawyer actually enables them to have a broader customer base with many small retainer fees being submitted to them.

What is an On-Demand Lawyer?
Firms such as Outside GC are also able to offer supplementary services to your existing legal service.  This can be exceptional useful if the current team do not have the necessary experience to deal with your issue or if they are lacking the manpower for any particular reason. 

The on-demand lawyer can be split into two main categories:


It is possible to retain the services of a lawyer and paid a small fee to keep them available throughout the agreed period.  During the time they are on retainer they will be available at short notice to attend your premises and discuss any issue.  This saves you needing to locate a lawyer in an emergency and you will also benefit from the fact that your lawyer already knows your firm and the issues you have had in the past; if any.  Knowledge of you and your affairs will help them to give you the best possible advice every time.

These types of contracts are often referred to as on demand simply because you can access a lawyer whenever you need one, but, you do not need to have them on site, costing you money all the time.

On Call

The other main type of on demand lawyer is the one that you call when you need them.  These are the ones that will often charge higher initial call out rates as they are effectively waiting for your call and know you will be desperate for their professional opinion!  When you wait for something to happen and then need to get hold of a lawyer, the choice available to you may be more limited depending on why you need them and how quickly they need to be able to represent you.

In many ways it is preferable to choose the retained system as you may be able to avoid a legal issue before it even arises.  This is particularly true when dealing with business related issues such as employment law or risk management.  In fact have an on demand lawyer on a retainer will provide you with an additional, objective, opinion whenever you need one.

They can even assist you with working in a different way to reduce risk and improve efficiency in the future.  A good on demand lawyer will do more than just deal with the law; they will also offer a valuable range of business advice.

All You Need To Know About Unsecured Personal Loan Schemes

Are you looking for an unsecured personal loan? Well, you can get one. But, how fast you get it, is a crucial question to answer.

Looking online
If you are searching for a suitable unsecured personal loan, be rest assured that it would take some time to figure out the perfect options. While there are lots of options available, you simply cannot pick any one thoughtlessly. You need to research and look for options that are reliable and well-known.

Always keep your eyes open to pick guaranteed fast unsecured loan schemes that come with zero collateral. You will also find many that would offer guaranteed secured personal loans. If you want to avail such options, get ready to put your house or other valuable assets as collateral.

Why apply for unsecured loans?
The reason that people apply for unsecured loans is to pay debts and fees. In short, they need money to survive. How much is the amount of loan may be a secondary issue to consider. What is more important is to look for creditors who do not take too long to get the loan sanctioned. It is the paperwork and background checks that can take up a whole lot of time. Online lenders usually offer minimal paperwork and a fast processing time.

But, wait, what is the interest rate being offered? It is necessary to consider the interest rate from different online lenders when looking for personal unsecured loan. Always opt for companies offering the least interest rates. Who would want to repay a completely different amount than what they originally borrowed? If you can afford, opt for the shortest repayment term. You would never want to get stuck into the loan repayment process for the remaining days of your life, would you?

Taking the fast unsecured loans on a personal basis improves your financial situation. They are present to clear you out of a difficult financial status. However, you must be careful in picking the right service agency. Always remember that availing loans is never a great idea. After all, you must repay the revised amount (with interest rates being levied) within a certain time.

Since the nature of loan is totally unsecured, the lender would go to any length to make sure that the money gets repaid. If the debtor becomes a defaulter on the unsecured loan, the lender can report the scenario to the credit reporting bureau that would ultimately result in affecting the credit score of the borrower.

In case of a huge loan amount, legal actions can also be taken against the borrower. Physical strength and threats can also be imposed upon the borrower as a necessary forceful measure to recover the loan amount. All these issues must be considered properly before applying for such loans.

Author Bio: Graham Belfort is a finance consultant and a loan sanctioning officer for a leading credit counseling firm. He is presently in charge of handling the personal unsecured loan section of the firm.

5 ways to Use Your Phone for Busines Planning

If you are like most executives, you probably depend on your phone for everything from communication to navigation, but your mobile device might have a lot more to offer even so. The newest smartphones are truly palm-sized computers that can help you organize your day, your ideas, your finances, and your team with ease. New apps are constantly in development, so if you’re not constantly updating the ways you use your device, it’s easy to fall behind.

Project Management

Image via Flickr

How are you currently managing tasks and projects? There are a number of serious project management tools online, such as Asana, that let you track multiple projects, each having its own team and task lists. Some, such as KanbanFlow, also help manage documents and workflow. Many project management systems sync with phone apps so you and your team members can access task lists, project information, and shared resources on the go. A centralized dashboard lets you track the progress of each project at a glance, and a to-do list keeps you on top of your personal tasks each day, including recurring tasks. Pro tip: These apps are also excellent for creating meeting agendas as a team.

Video Meetings

Obviously, your phone is useful for texting, answering emails, and making phone calls. But why not take advantage of free video calling apps to connect face to face with your team members and clients? If bad experiences using Skype or Google Hangouts on older equipment left you doubting the usefulness of video conferencing technology, you will be blown away by the possibilities when you use a powerful mobile device such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 on a reliable network such as T-Mobile’s.

Video calls offer instant, clear communication between individuals as well as board meetings that include all the nuances of tone and facial expression, especially on the Galaxy S7 with its large HD Super AMOLED screen. If you’re serious about communication and relationship-building, you should be using this technology often.


Banking apps have become much more useful in recent years; if yours doesn’t use your fingerprint for security or let you deposit checks remotely, you have fallen behind. Apps that can track business expenses by photographing receipts are also incredibly useful for anyone with an expense account who doesn’t want to handle paper receipts or to log expenses by hand.

But the most practical financial apps are those that assemble information from multiple banks, credit cards, and investment accounts and automatically categorize your transactions so they can provide you with useful budgeting and bottom-line information almost effortlessly.

Intuit’s Mint is the best-known of these apps, but there are a number of alternatives on the market. Many people use these apps for their personal finances but never consider how useful they could be to integrate business accounts. An app can give you a clear picture of your business finances and trends more quickly than your bookkeeper than, and it acts as an important counterpoint to check the accuracy of your accountant’s work.

Office Suites

If you are a true mobile power user, you might want an entire office suite on your phone. Apps such as Polaris and OfficeSuitePro let you open, edit, create, and sync Microsoft Office files. The possibilities of this technology are endless — it gives you the ability to work on spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents anywhere.

Information Management

If you’re not using an app such as Evernote to manage your information, you’ll be amazed at how flexibly and thoroughly these apps work. Evernote overcomes information overload by letting you clip web pages, articles, your own notes, and more, then gather it all into searchable volumes organized in any way you like. Instead of bookmarking websites, making notes in a notes app, and keeping PDF and Word documents full of information from various sources, you can have all your resources at your fingertips across all your devices.

No matter how much you depend on your phone to organize your business and your life, there are probably new apps you haven’t tried yet that will make it an even more powerful tool. At least once a year, it’s worth your time to learn what’s new and get yourself on board with the tools that suit your needs.

Top MBA Programs Develop Astute Leaders

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from a top rated business school can open new vistas of opportunities for you. An MBA from a top class management institute invariably means high salary with a good organization, sound career progression, responsible management position and immense job satisfaction among other things.  With global economy in a constant state of turmoil, organizations are increasingly looking for people who are competent and capable enough to tackle complex business problems in a time-bound efficient manner.

Modern firms want management graduates who can perform, beginning on day one. Well-established business schools offers participants a unique opportunity to work in an international environment, develop hard and soft skills, gain a global overview of business and steer their profiles in a strategic way to obtain their career goals.

It is precisely the reason why graduates from top business schools are so highly in demand with organizations willing to pay them astronomical salaries to get them on their payroll.  MBA as such is a highly lucrative career option which offers participants both fame and fortune. The demand for this degree in India is at an all-time high with lakhs of students sitting for important management competitive entrance examinations like CAT, MAT and XAT among others.

The popularity and demand for an MBA degree, however, has a downside to it as well.  Lured by the prospect of attracting MBA aspirants in droves, many management institutes have set shop flooding the market with graduates who neither possess the skills or the acumen to make any significant contribution to their respective organizations.

Inferior quality management institutes more or less make a mess of a student’s career as the degree they award does not command any respect or value in the job market. Second-string business schools neither have the infrastructure or the desire to impart education, which proves to be a close match between the student’s objectives and the employee’s expectations.  They are just in the market to exploit the craze for a management degree in India. Their admission procedure is lax and the placement opportunities they offer are pretty dismal.

Top ranked business schools on the other hand are driven by innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship and the same is reflected in the graduates they develop. World class infrastructure, impeccable academic environment, top class faculty and state of the art facilities help these business schools to develop the inherent skills and intelligence of their students into tools that will help them take their career to the highest level.

You need to seek admission in Best MBA Colleges In Jaipur or for that matter best management institute anywhere in India if you are serious about fast-tracking your current career, start your own business, change sectors, break the glass ceiling or evolve internationally among other things. Getting an MBA degree from best management college in Jaipur or from any other well-established management institute in any other Indian city could be your passport to the top.

Good management institutes with their reputation, pedagogical excellence, state of the art infrastructure and world class faculty drawn from the best institutes in India and abroad provides valuable help in fast tracking your career.

Return on Investment

MBA places heavy demand on your time and money. With MBA tuition fess running in excess of a million rupees and the competition to gain admission to a world-class business school exceptionally hard, an MBA degree is not easy to attend. Apart from working hard you also need to put in some time researching about various business schools.

It is important as you need a business school with high return on investment which can help you pay back your education loan as well as take care of other liabilities within a couple of years.  Fortunately, top business schools in India offer very rapid rate of return and gaining admission in any top rated business school should be indeed considered fortunate as it is more or less a sure-fire guarantor of a financially rewarding and secure career.


You also need to look for business schools which are accredited by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Earning AICTE Accreditation requires a total, institution-wide commitment to continuous improvement, and not every management institute can earn this prestigious distinction.

In fact, business schools which adopts a unique and diverse approach to business education with its modern and relevant curriculum are only awarded accreditation by this Government approved body.