Business: Factors to consider when selecting the services of a mailing house

If you are trying to weigh up the pros and cons of having an in-house mail room or to employ the services of a mailing houseto handle all your post, there are certain criteria to look for in a company that offers this type of service.

Managing mail efficiently is the life blood of any online or offline business and setting up a mail room and staffing it can prove costly.

However, a mailing house service could be the perfect solution as long as you sign up to a well-established and reputable company like Baker Goodchild.

Managing mail efficiently is crucial to the day to day running of a business

Post &parcel solutions

A mailing house has to offer the sort of post and parcel solutions that fit in with your business needs and at an affordable price that covers both the UK and International mail.

Complex projects must be handled efficiently

You should make sure the company you sign up with is capable of managing any complex mailing projects even if you only organise these every once in a while. A well-established mailing house would have the man power to cope with any mailing projects you may have to do at any given point in time.

State-of-the-art resources

The company should also boast state of  the art resources and have all the facilities needed to cope with your postal needs and this includes packages, parcels and letters being handled and managed efficiently by professional and well trained staff.

Cost effective mailing solutions

Most businesses today whether large, medium or small need to keep tabs on their finance which means a mailing service has to offer a cost effective mailing solution that ensures the day to day running of the business is a seamless affair.

Reliability is essential

It goes without saying that a mailing house has to be trustworthy and that reliability is a priority which they take extremely seriously. You need to be sure that your mail is being handled and managed efficiently and that all letters, parcels and packages reach the right people in a timely fashion every time.

 Mailing houses take the onus of your staff when it comes to handling mail.

A selection of mailing packages

You also need to know the company offers a few options when it comes to mailing packages. You may just want a mailing house to handle and manage certain aspects of your post which means their staff joins forces with your employees in order to handle specific areas of your postal needs. The Direct Marketing Association has a series of reports about mailing houses.

Direct mail services

A well-established mailing house will also offer customers the option for them to handle direct mail campaigns and be able to poly wrap items should this be necessary.

A personalised service

The company also needs to offer a personalised service which has to be top notch and which allows for mail to look professionally handled which in turn means you achieve higher response rates should you decide to have direct mail personalised.

A full print management solution

A full print management solution offers you a complete print process service which allows you, the customer, to stay in control but at the same time this process saves your business both time and money.

Handling cost effective bulk mail 
The mailing house company has to offer customers the option to handle their bulk mail which is an extremely cost effective way of managing large volumes of mail, whether it's letters, packages or parcels either on a regular basis or when a company has organised a marketing campaign.


Setting up an in-house mail room can prove a costly business especially if you need to invest in all the equipment needed to handle your company's postal needs.

However, choosing to employ the services of mailing house like Baker Goodchild not only helps you handle your mail efficiently but it can prove to be very cost effective too and as long as the company offers a full range of services and mailing options, it can make perfect financial sense to sign up with them.

Image Credits: Makenosound and epengfel