Popular Outbound Dialer System to Improve Your Customer Service

With the advent of technology human beings have evolved as well as the call centres that have particularly started progressing in the market. Business owners are commencing outbound dialer system to improve their customer service.

Outsourcing customer service has become a trend among global giants, blue chip companies as well as among the small and medium sized enterprises. Everyone these days are busy transferring their non-core businesses overseas. Not because they cannot handle these processes but because outsourcing can help organisations concentrate on their core business processes.

However, call centres whether inbound or outbound, does not allow customer service to elevate without the help of latest technological device. Most of the outbound call centre is dominated with dialer systems to help agents simplify the process of transferring customer call or record and so on.

Here are 3 primary dialer used by an outbound call centre. They are as under:

Preview Dialer

If a call centre representative have indicated about a call, details about the call is certainly presented to a particular call centre agent. The contact number of the customer is then automatically dialed after a precise time after allowing the agents a sufficient amount of time to preview the customer details before the call is made to the prospective customer.

Preview dialer is mostly used in telemarketing campaigns where the customer case seems to be complicated or perplexed in nature. Such as collecting debts from patrons, who havea complex history of paying debt?

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialer is similar to predictive dialer, but it removes the haphazard concept of abandoning or silent calls. This dialer system does not automatically dials the customer contact, instead it waits for the agents to confirm and once the call representatives have confirmed the number is automatically dialed. This type of call progress is scrutinised by the dialer technology.

With the help of this system calls that does not ring are automatically disconnected and no answer calls are automatically disconnected after a certain point of time i.e., after a few seconds of ringing. Progressive dialing system is mostly used for campaigns to address current customer objectives to upgrade or up-sell services and commodities of a company.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing system is the most efficient and productive among all, this form of dialing process can launch customer calls in such a way that the system automatically connects to the agents that are live and is ready to handle the call promptly without wasting any time to complete preceding transactions.

This dialing system is scrutinised by placing algorithms, which ultimately monitors agent’s activity to estimate when the next call must be placed.

Any efficient outbound call centre equipped with one of these dialer systems can eventually help agencies streamline their customer process within a short span of time.