Customer care and Two Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

India is one of the fastest growing two wheeler markets of the entire world, which speaks volume in itself. This essentially means that a large majority of us ride two wheeler on a regular basis.

However, there is something that most of us do not realise and it is, that a bike insurance is mandatory for riding your two wheeler on the roads.

Your two wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard ensures that you have that legal freedom of riding without any concerns.

A two wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard also looks after all the financial implications of road incidents, man-made incidents and natural calamities. Whether it is an accident, theft, flood or fire due to some acceptable reasons, the policy holds good. A policy would virtually be of no use if you cannot claim it at the time of need or if the process was incredibly difficult.

Fortunately, things are quite different with ICICI Lombard. The insurer puts in a lot of effort into the customer service department and the same is visible in the responses. ICICI Lombard has one of the best customer care services when you consider most of the general insurers in the country.

What also helps ICICI Lombard is being present in the business over a long period of time. Not that their services were bad by any margin, they have certainly learned from previous experiences and improved vastly.

Customer Satisfaction in Bike Insurance from ICICI Lombard

When you scan through most of the forums online for ICICI Lombard’s customer satisfaction, you will come across a pleasant surprise. A vast majority of the customers have had a good to excellent experience with the insurer.

If you are an existing customer and wish to claim your policy, there is enough evidence to suggest that you will almost certainly have a good experience.

There are a lot of happy customers who have had a hassle-free experience while interacting with the customer care of ICICI Lombard.

If you wish to claim your policy, the very first step involves calling up ICICI Lombard and informing them.

The customer service representative will then walk you through the process and all the documents that you need to furnish.

You can either opt for the cashless service or reimbursement of the expenses. After all the repairs and fixes are done, ICICI’s team will get in touch with you again within 24 hours.

On submission of all the documents, they will take the process further. All the while you as a policy holder will be interacting with a customer service agent/representative/manager.

For prospect policy buyers, you can get a first-hand experience of customer service of ICICI Lombard.
All that you need to do is, call them up and ask them to help you through the buying process or renewing the policy. A vast majority of the customers were left impressed with the ease with which the representative would explain the policy and help them out with the entire process.

Though this is not an apple to apple comparison for after sales service but it gives you a fair amount of idea of what to expect and what not to.

But for the most part, customers of ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance are mostly happy with the service that they receive from the insurer. Of course, one cannot expect a 100% happy scenario for everyone and there have been few instances where customers have had bitter experience with ICICI Lombard.

Common Troubles Customer Face in Insurance from ICICI Lombard

One of the most common issues that a customer might face during their policy term with ICICI Lombard is during the claims process. A bit of communication gap and different levels of expectation is seen to be the usual culprit for the situation.

For an instance, a few customers have faced issues with the document submission process of a claim. It is essential to go through your policy documents and have a brief understanding of the documents needed in the claim process.

If you ask the insurer for sending out emails or indicate properly which the documents that one needs to submit are, you can reduce the confusion to a great level.

If you are not happy with the service, you can always go ahead and escalate the matter and the management will look into the issue and solve it at the earliest