Zero-Cost Marketing Strategy

This blog discusses the two marketing strategies which Ronnie Nijmeh entitles as his “Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies” for being successful in the marketing world. He tells about how he has struggled to reach where he is today.

Ronnie Nijmeh is Amazon’s #1 Selling Author and Founder of the firm He also gives coaching classes to people who are interested in excelling in their marketing initiatives.

His own Buzz strategies: According to Nijmeh, the old-fashioned media has helped him attain a name and an image among his followers.

Through his appearance on national television, print media and radio, he was able to get the attention of viewers and it increased the traffic to the services he provides to people. Says Roger from

But the real deal that really spiked the traffic was the trust the people bestowed him after his appearance on the national television. Nijmeh tells states it as “awesome”. He states as a credibility check among people who are watching you on national television.

It’s a real trust factor that viewers develop for the celebrities or figures who are being interviewed on TV shows and talk shows. But when people see your recordings on media months and years later, it brings the same trust and respect to you and that is how you gain a zero-cost marketing.

Nijmeh takes proud on being able to build trust and states that this is what people can never take back from you and it acts as a milestone towards your journey of achieving something. As you are spending no dollars, no money, you are being admired everywhere. Says Akshat from

How can one do it?

He states that he created his own Buzz that he branded himself and posted a lot of valuable contents and positioned himself as an excellent interview candidate with his own media talent. If I am to judge this talent, I think, it is enough to be called by executive producers and to be called in for live interviews.

Because you are not going with the flow as you are creating your own strategy and presenting your whole self as an initiator in front of the people with your talent. It is not a walk in the park Ronnies says that you cannot gain fame by just appearing on TV, you have to do hard work and build that trust so people will follow you.

You must have a talent that strikes people and motivate them to walk on your footstep and turn to you for help. Conclusion There is nothing in the world that one cannot achieve. According to Ronnie, real fame lies in your talent and your originality. If you are just copying someone else’s work and trying to create a difference, you will never succeed in true meanings.

These days, social media marketing provides a platform where one can advertise their services but if your talent is really your original effort, then you need no money. You will see people following you because you have diverted and created your own plan and that is what counts the most.