Make your own DIY photobooth

Festive celebrations are a great time to capture all those holiday memories on camera and to make it even more fun I'm going to talk about two ways on how to make your own DIY photobooth.

The first method is using a tablet as your camera and the second method is for better quality photos using a DSLR, and then sending those photos wirelessly to a tablet. First make sure that there's a good backdrop. You have to have some fun props, and make your scene has plenty of lights.

For the tablet option, you'll need a tablet, tripod, and photobooth app. Secure surface facing the backdrop for iPad. I'm using the studio proper tripod mount which attaches easily to the back of the dedicated case. Depending on your operating system, choose an app to run your photobooth.

I'm going to use pocket booth for this demo and it runs on both iOS and Android. Like a real photobooth it takes four photos in a row and arranges them in a strip after they've been taken.

This method is quick and fun but using the front-facing camera doesn't always produce the best quality shots. So for the best photos you can get I'm going to show you a DSLR method. Grab your camera and an eye-fi mobi card.

It's got built-in Wi-Fi so it can transfer images to a tablet or smartphone automatically. A lot of photo booth rental MA companies put these photo booths in theire inventory just because they are lightweight, easy to transfer and work great at parties.

It's also compatible with the majority of cameras on the market even older models. Insert the card into your camera and then download the iPhone mobi app for iOS or Android on your tablet. Launch the app and enter the 10-digit activation code on the IFI case. Now all the photos you take on your camera will automatically transfer to your tablet.

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On your camera we're going to shoot JPEG images only for speed and disable the auto power off options so we don't lose our Wi-Fi connection.

If your camera has an eye-fi setting in the menus make sure to enable the card like this.... start taking photos by getting your subjects to press a remote shutter release or set up your camera's self timer option.

You can either have your tablet near the camera so people can see their photos immediately or have it a short distance away so passers-by can see those photos too.

Once you've taken all your photos it's really easy to send them to a printer straight from the app or save them to your gallery then send to a printer using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

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