5 Basic Tips before Closing a Landlord’s Maintenance Contract

Hiring landlord's maintenance contracts always brings insecurity about the quality of what is offered. I do not know about you, but whenever I need a professional in this area, I look for nominations with people I know or I run for dear google and online lists that divulge the work of companies in the field. Generally, people use online directories with many indications registered and divided by regions.

At the present, we are in the saga of finding a property maintenance company and almost we were coiled by one that appeared in our way. But the question remains: With the contact at hand, how can we really find out if we are hiring an honest company and a qualified professional? What precautionary measures should we take?

Although they are aware of what they should seek to preserve in terms of rights, owners who opt for direct negotiation generally do not confirm the verbal agreement in writing, i.e. they do not sign a formal contract, which ends up causing a lot of confusion and unnecessary disputes.

A common case of dispute between the parties involves the responsibility for dividing the costs of the condom, for example. While the logic of dividing these expenses is fairly simple, with the tenant paying for the day-to-day expenses and the owner for infrastructure expenses, the truth is that there are no divergences in this regard.

I'll tell you that here on my short list has nothing new, but I've separated some tips for you to be attentive before closing any service contract, since it always rolls the goodwill to think that everything will run the thousand wonders or that everyone is honest and nice. Also look at the property maintenance contract guide at https://bso.ae/blog/landlord-s-maintenance-contracts.html.

1. In addition to looking for information with which you have already contracted, always check the internet complaint sites and see if there are any complaints about the company. Also look for testimonials from those who have already bought on the site.

2. To avoid any surprises or even additions after starting the service, always ask for a previous quote. Of course, one or another unforeseen event can happen in the middle of a work or even in a decoration project that you have contracted, but it is indispensable that in the contract it is also clear how much will be added in these cases.

3. Also keep an eye on the object of the contract so that it is written exactly what is being contracted.
4. Speaking of cash, freelancers receive pre-dated check, but remember that this type of payment is a convention practiced in the market.

If, by chance, the dwarfs pass the check (or checks, what is worse) or deposit it before the date or all at once, then who is responsible? There's no way people are talking. Prefer the deposit into account or pay in cash or even the credit card.

5. And as a final point, always request receipts and invoices. Keep all proofs of payment for the whole service period.

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